Patent: 83mp full-frame image sensor from Canon


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Dec 27, 2017
I use my system SSD for processing raw files and a separate external 4TB SSD for storing the JPEG archives

I have a 5TB cloud storage with my family office 365 subscription and sync it to the SSD

I actually have 2 PCs set up like this ... So when I archive to one SSD it is automatically uploaded to OneDrive and then the other PC automatically downloads it to it's SSD

So I have two SSds kept in sync with OneDrive cloud backup

It works well generally

The reason I use SSds rather than external drives is noise reduction !!!

I used to use hard drives but they were very noisy and hot so I was always turning them off and on

Now I just use Intel NUCs which are practically silent and the external m.2 SSDs are silent too

So I can leave the whole lot on day and night and it's silent and consumes very little power

I used to have a Windows 2008 file server and a home network but I find this arrangement is way better - much simpler administration and nearly-free cloud backup !
Interesting. I use OneDrive sparingly. I kind of detest it. lol

I use Amazon Prime storage - unlimited RAW CR2 storage. However, they do not support unlimited CR3's yet from my understanding.

My entire laptop SSD storage is getting a christmas gift with new SSD's..
So my laptop is going to 4TB SSD + 2TB NVMe. That should do me for a while.
I'm migrating my external HD's (backup and cold storage files) to SSD, with my only HDD being a 5TB for backups.


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Jan 19, 2017
Sometime in the next 20 years the average photographer will take one frame from a short video and refocus it/change the aperture using some future version of photoshop, lightroom or other software. Everything will be shot at f/16 or something ridiculous and all bokeh will be simulated. The google pixel and iPhones already do a limited version of this. What will be disturbing is that if every photo is essentially a deeply photoshopped version of a real scene, how would you ever spot deep fakes? [insert bad photo edit sleuthing scene from the judge dredd movie here]
Fascinating - your suggestion provokes many thoughts, such as

What is the point of photography anyway ?

I can't help wondering if we have simply lived through a time of staggering improvements and accessibility of imaging technology

Maybe such technology will plateau (eg the trains in the UK aren't much faster than they were 40 years ago ...)

Maybe we will all get interested in something else if video and snapshot technology reaches it's zenith

Have we all just been riding the exciting innovation train ?

Few artists want to replicate what the Masters of years gone by did .. in art it's innovate or die isn't it ?

Where are we all heading ?

Personally im very excited about Google/Microsoft/Apple glasses and suspect that mixed reality might be the next big game in town once photography goes the way of stamp collecting and golf ...


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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
It was not me who said that. I was just curious, since naively it seems to me that in general, when shooting moving subjects (or indeed even living subjects trying to stay still) without flash you need a fast shutter speed anyway.
That would be ideal, but not always possible. Hense my purchase of very fast glass.


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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
I just think photographers big up the IBIS necessity as the one stop solution to sharp pictures but as the poster above stated for fashion subject movement would kill sharpness long before IBIS (or IS) had a chance at lower shutter speeds.

I have a Sony with IBIS but never use it and none of my glass has IS, instead using a mono or tripod.

Its great you have been published a few times and must be good at what you do. IBIS will help eradicate your movement however, I feel a timing is the best way to avoid subject movement (as the models foot hits the runway) rather than IBIS at 1/60th second.
Yes, but I also must take into account my slight tremor. We all are not so steady. A mono pod or tripod is not an option for me. My situation is very fluid with many different angles at a fast pace. I never said IBIS is a one stop solution. Runway is never shot at 1/60th and I NEVER said so. What is strange to me is that you seem to want to pick apart my own situation without knowing a thing about it. The poster above also knows not about that which he speaks. You experts should just sit down, have a good beer, and contemplate your navels.

If I had an 80+ megapixel camera I would want some sort of image stabilization. That is my personal desire. Why you feel the need to try and convince me otherwise is just stupidity. You get what you want. I'll get what I want. It ain't none of your business. IBIS in my little Olympus works flawlessly. Sorry your Sony's IBIS under performs. Perhaps your technique is so bad that IBIS doesn't help you and a tripod is a necessity. Or maybe you shoot architecture/landscapes. Not the same challenges as fashion where composition is constantly changing. A mono pod is useless for that. Completely useless. A tripod is even worse.

You'd rather haul around a tripod or mono pod? Good for you.
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Dec 4, 2013
For me as a nature photographer, the big deal breaker will be the camera's speed. With the D850 at 9 fps (with grip) and now the A7R4 at 10 fps you can have a high res camera that's versatile....meaning it can be used for landscapes as well as wildlife including action. I have the 5DS R and it's great but too slow for most wildlife at 5 fps. If this is anything less than 7 fps it's probably not going to work for most wildlife folks. I would love to be able to use this...especially for large prints.

I'd definitely quibble this. A lot of wildlife work can be done <7fps. But each to their own...


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Feb 27, 2015
But you travel to get there...
That's the beauty of living where I do. I don't have to travel far to get to these locations (or at least the trailhead). Once again the odds of card failure are significantly higher than being robbed where I shoot.
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Dec 20, 2012
There is a majoy problem with such sensors, you can't use it hand heled. Every little shake of the hand will be visible. or you will need to take pictures in incrediably speed (shutter speed), or will have to set up a new means to read the sensor in an untra-sped, maybe parralel.

Which body were you using when you discovered this problem?
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Apr 29, 2012
So we will have to upgrade our Pcs as well because to edit those filed would be a massive challenge for a supercomputer.

If you're using a pc from the mid 1990s, sure.

I really struggle to understand why so many 'pro' photographers are happy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on bodies and lenses but absolutely refuse to buy a modern computer to process all those images.

Compared to the storage and processing requirements of 4K raw video, high res stills are a doddle. And if you're computer is a little slow you just wait a moment, rather than failing to get real-time playback that is essential for being able to see what you're doing.

We've recently added 60TB of extra storage at work. It cost around NZD$5k. A similar amount to the RF 85 f1.2. Given that CR3 files are 40% smaller than CR2s, the file size of a 83mp image will likely be similar to the 5DS 50mp size. 60ish MB. So $5k (more like 3K USD) will get you storage for approximatley 1,000,000 shots, or about 800k with RAID 5 so a disk failing wont mean losing anything.


Feb 7, 2019
Why would dual cards slots have any importance for a landscape shooter? This dual card slot meme is comical, it's like some kind of mass delusional hysteria foist upon us by marketing departments and 'influencers'.
People who complain about not having 2 card slots are the same people that panic buy 14 cans of spam when a storm is forecast.

Mr Majestyk

Feb 20, 2016
So how many pixels will the 1Dx2 replacement have? My guess is 20.75MP because low light capability is more important than more pixels to a professional sport shooter shooting indoors. Or maybe both 83.06MP and 20.75MP, with a multiple gain sensor to improve DR.

Well Canon seems unable to exceed the 1DsIII but maybe just maybe they can at least give us 24MP. I have no doubt it will be more than the 1DXII but hopefully not 22MP, even Nikon D6 will be 24MP. Still 24MP would barely interest me unless it was astounding in other ways and had an all new AF system to exceed Nikon and Sony.


Aug 21, 2019
Combined with the ridiculously sharp RF lenses, this should really give medium format cameras a run for their money, especially given that it's likely a much better general-purpose camera than any MF body. Will probably directly challenge Fuji's "mediumish-format" GFX 100 (which, remember, costs almost ten grand!)
No it would never rival MF due to the read noise and DR.


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Mar 10, 2016
Why would high pixel count sensors lead to more motion blur and require a faster shutter speed or a tripod to prevent it?

The image being projected on the sensor is the same size, isn’t it? Wouldn’t the blur just be spread across more pixels on a lower resolution sensor?
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