Perseid meteor shower

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lion rock

EOS 5D Mark IV
Jan 1, 2013
Done is the word, Keith!
Oh, sorry, forgot a word in front, senior moment. The word is "well!"
Well done.

KeithBreazeal said:
Tried to get some Perseids before moon rise- not much time before the glow got overwhelming.
5D IV, Sigma 14mm f1.8 Art

Perseids 2017 Bear River 3627 © Keith Breazeal by Keith Breazeal, on Flickr


Perseids 2017 Bear River crop 3672 © Keith Breazeal by Keith Breazeal, on Flickr

Moon rise, and we're done.

Bear River Moon Rise 3833 © Keith Breazeal by Keith Breazeal, on Flickr

Milky Way in Moon Light 3860 © Keith Breazeal by Keith Breazeal, on Flickr
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d4mike said:
In Michigan we had rain until Saturday night, once the clouds cleared I had to deal with a 62% moon that just didn't want to set, I finally left the beach at 2:35 am. I saw quite a few but not very visible because of the moon, this one was the brightest.
Little Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan.
I also shot a timelapse, I hope videos are allowed.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
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wearle said:
I'm a little late in posting these images; nevertheless, I worked really hard on them and feel they are worth posting for others to see. These four composite images were taken with various cameras and lenses. Overall, I took over 20,000 images over three days using six cameras. I was lucky enough to experience the outburst the night of August 11th. It was an awesome show. It's too bad the Moon interfered so much.

Wow! Excellent composites, really terrific.
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CR Pro
Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
2021 is supposed to be a particularly good year for seeing and shooting the
Perseids, mainly because of the cooperation of the crescent moon which sets in plenty of time.

I’m going to try shooting with my 16-35mm lens even though it opens just to f/4. It is my fastest wide angle. Perhaps I should try test shots over the next few nights not just for exposure, but also for the time lapse settings. I forget between times how to set that up.
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