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Don Haines

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Jun 4, 2012
The ads that are annoying everyone, including myself will be gone by November 1, 2018. I've requested they be removed by a company I switched to on October 1st, 2018 to handle the ad network and they haven't bothered to remove them yet. So I'm moving back to my previous ad company.

The new baby life has slowed some progress on the site, but a subscription model is in the works.

I apologize for the annoyance, and it'll be corrected shortly.
You sir, are a gentleman.

Thank you!
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CR Pro
Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi Craig.
Thanks for the prompt reply (in response to my pm?). It is a sad state of affairs when the site owner cannot get a contracted supplier to conform to their wishes. Glad to hear you are going to get rid of them and go back to a ‘trusted’ supplier, perhaps that will get their attention! :rolleyes:

Cheers, Graham.
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