Post your best Europe photos

Whether you travel to Europe (like me) or live there, let's see some great photos. I am looking for images that clearly feel European, from a Parisian café to a cityscape. Please try to refrain from generic photos that could be anywhere (like a closeup of a flower that you post because it happened to be in a garden in England, for example).

I will start with a cityscape of Salzburg, Austria from a trip last month.
5D3, 24-70 f4L.



Apr 5, 2013
Great theme MrFotoFool - and impressive photo from Salzburg.

As I live in greater Copenhagen, I will not offer tourist-photos, but rather something that really characterizes the city: Its beautiful old towers.
The city is not filled with high-rise buildings, so the historic towers still dominate the skyline.

I have chosen the following two photos, that combine old and modern, and reflections in as well as looking through a modern glass-building, a bank-headquarter.

#1 Reflected in the bank is Christian's Church from 1759. Seen through the bank (and across the Copenhagen inner harbour) is the tower of Christiansborg, i.e. the Danish Parliament.

#2 Same buildings now seen from opposite side of the bank. So now the church towers over the building, while the parliament's tower is reflected.

Both taken with Canon 6D, TS-E 24 mm, tripod, ISO 100, f/10. #1 at 1/40s, #2 at 1/80 s.



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Jul 29, 2012
ethanz said:
At a traditional restaurant in Poland

A flower/fruit stand in Vienna

The river/bridge in Luzern
Nice series, ethanz. I especially like the last picture.