Post your best Europe photos


Jun 25, 2012
Great stuff! Do you love the 5DsR? And do you use a 5D4 (or 5D3) as well?
Thanks, MrFotoFool!

I do love the camera. It's probably my favourite camera, and I also own the 1DX, 1DX2, 5D3. The majority of my best images have been taken with it. The quality of the image files is just fantastic. A lot of the negativity towards the camera is from people who, in my opinion, haven't spent any or enough time with it.

One of my above images I just had printed 40x60" and the print camera out phenomenally well; the detail was incredible.

I've used a 5D4 extensively and really like the camera as well. I chose the 5DSr over it, however, for the extra resolution. Nothing wrong with the 5D4, though. It's a terrific camera. I might pick one up at some point as the price continues to fall.
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