R6 view on laptop screen


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Feb 25, 2015
Like joules says, maybe I am wrong. 100% Thunderbolt (which your computer has) supports HDMI into the laptop, but if that allows your laptop screen to effectively become a dumb screen I couldn’t say.

Thunderbolt 1-3 allow DisplayPort data on the bus, not HDMI. USB-C has an 'HDMI alt-mode', which allows HDMI data on the bus. If you have thunderbolt 3 ports, you can get both DP and HDMI alt-modes. As for supporting either of those into a Mac, that was only supported on iMacs and stopped being supported after apple moved to Thunderbolt2 on those machines (somewhere before 2015). Since my work laptop is faster than my personal iMac, I was a bit miffed to discover I couldn't use the iMac in screen mode, which my old one did support.

Back to the OPs question: I'm using a 'Camlink 4k' from Elgata/Corsair, which works quite well for capturing the HDMI output of the camera. Since it shows up as a proper video input, it "just works". You could alsp use the Canon Webcam thing or EOS Utility if you don't need it to be a proper video input.
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