Review: Canon EOS R5 by DPReview

For what it's worth, here's a list of every camera that DPR has given 90% or more. Before 2020, there were no Canons on the list.

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91% Canon EOS R5 review (Oct 21, 2020)
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90% Canon EOS R6 review (Aug 26, 2020)
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90% Sony a7R III Review (Nov 22, 2017)
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90% Sony a7R II Review (Nov 17, 2015)
90% Nikon D750 Review (Dec 20, 2014)
!!! and the 5DIII and 5D4 were such terrible cameras...they obviously never sold much compared to the selling DSLR's about an over self important review site trying to swing the market.
It's a nice review on the R5 and a lot more balanced and objective than previous reviews. I', just hoping this anti Canon bias has finally left their review culture. DXO labs to go next....
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I joined in 2006. I finally deleted my account back in August. They were a great resource for many years. Not so much any longer. But it's obvious how good the R5 is when Sony's own(sarcasm for those that can't get it) gives a great review of this camera. They couldn't avoid what this camera brought to the forefront.

DPreview has become a troll site and it's really sad that they won't crack down on it. I guess I don't understand engagement numbers for websites. I suppose the trolls help the bottom line numbers to push advertisements.
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Sep 3, 2019
But can we change the function of the default RATE button? I don't need a RATE button, though some photographers might.

No we can't. I was agreeing with you. It's stupid that that button cannot be reassigned...but that other buttons CAN be given that functionality, just in case someone wants two or five of them.

I'm still getting used to the menu button being on the left side. I end up having to hunt for it then remembering, oh, it's over there.
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Feb 12, 2014
Frankfurt, Germany
I see the word "Sony" and run. :eek:
Well, not in a TV shop :poop:

To be serious, I appreciate much that Sony entered the camera market with the acquisition of Minolta and did a serious, innovative job. It is like Elon Musk who builds now in Germany a huge gigafactory, just right under the nose of Germany's arrogant automakers who deserve to really smell Tesla's aggressive competition. Otherwise they would still sit on their laurels and lose track. Same with the classic big camera manufacturers, Canon and Nikon: they deserved Sony's pressure in the past decade, and the result is progress from which all users like us benefit - whatever brand we prefer. Plus, in this crisis, Canon seem to benefit from the fact that they were forced to come up with a seriously innovative RF system, it looks like it was a good investment in their longterm future.
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EOS R5 - Fine art landscape, travel,astro and pano
Jul 18, 2017
@Mark M I can confirm you that I was able to successfully register the camera into the Italian Canon CPS Professional database.

I can register the R5 in the Canon Pass Italian Professional system BUT since I have purchased it through the gray market, I cannot get for free, from Canon Italy, the entry level EF to R ring adapter (this is a special and time limited offer for R5/R6 camera owners). Too bad. However I have saved around 550 euro by going through the gray market, which is a lot of money saving (!). And I preferred to buy myself a great almost new adapter with the manual aperture control ring, which I PREFER over the basic ring.
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Sep 15, 2016
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