Show your Bird Portraits

I got so excited from the post of the grilled_rooster...
Here are photos of a very common and easy to shoot bird (may be the easiest here, so easy that I never tried before to take a decent shots...). Actually if you are taking a fast lunch and seat on a bench and start opening your box some of these may come so close you even don't need a 150mm to take a nice portrait :)!
Anyway - when I notice the bird in front of the lanai this morning - with that light and when it was calling (looking so fluffy:)!) I took the shots. Probably my best shots of the Zebra Dove so far?

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Lovely shots, ISv.
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OK - I like the photo!
Could you please, tell us the story behind this shot before we start selling our much longer, heavier and expensive AF lenses;)?!
Hehe... i was at a wild life park. This guy was sitting in his aviary. And this aviary was placed in the ruin of an old castle. so the side i was standing had wide bars like a prison cell. And oc course i cropped this image ;-) Here's the full resolution picture. 3Q2A1043-101.jpg
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