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Apr 30, 2017
I know Herons are eating small (baby) birds but in this case it killed a juvenile House Sparrow in front of me. It happened suddenly and I lost time to pull out my camera from the backpack. Swallow it with all the feathers (no cleaning, no grill:)).
I'm not concerned about the population of the House Sparrow (and the endemic birds here don't have an overlapping areal with the Herons) but some much more rare introduced birds like the African Silver Bill and the Red Avadavat e.t.c. could be vulnerable.
After that a Yellow-faced Canary - I didn't know they could do this with their lower mandible: it's the same bird. Look at the disposition of the lower mandible on the first photo.

DSC_6336_DxO.jpg DSC_6341_DxO.jpg DSC_6398_DxO.jpg DSC_6404_DxO.jpg DSC_6435_DxO.jpg
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Del Paso

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Aug 9, 2018
Been a bit since I've had time to get on here. I've been working my way thru the pages and some great shots for sure. Here's a couple of my latest. The first image (dark background w/ hummingbird hovering above) was take with the RF 100-500, f8, 500mm at 1/2000th and used DxO PureRaw. The second image was taken with the RF 70-200, f2.8, 200mm at 1/2000th and used Topaz Denoiz. Both on the R5 and cropped in.
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Beautiful birds and pictures!
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Jul 29, 2012
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Jack Douglas

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Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Just recently I have observed some very aggressive behaviour by the Coots. This was late evening Coot-Gull) and so ISO 6400 and at quite a distance but you can still see what is going on. They are also pretty violent with one another and have quite the claws. The youngsters were none too happy.



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    Coot Gull fight_s_5536.JPG
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    Coot fight_s_5843.JPG
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