Feb 28, 2019
As Canon already announced both G5x II and G7x III being available in the beginning of August. I was wondering what would happen to the G3 X.

Will it get an update ?

If so, what kind of specs will it have ?

The G1X Mark III has an APS-C Sensor and DPAF, but no 4k.

I firmly believe right now, that the DIGIC 8 is not capable to handle 4k + DPAF. Thus we will either see a new processor in the 90D or as rumored a Dual DIGIC 8 processor.

As I see the G3 X right now, it has the longest zoom range of all the G Series Powershots of Canon's lineup.

Perhaps, it will be like the RX 100 Mark VI ? ( 'The zoom powershot')

Canon can't put everything into one powershot. Otherwise they will jeopardize their newly announced G5X II and G7 X III.

Here's a list of things they could include imo:

  • 4k
  • DPAF
  • Mic Jack
  • Hot shoe
  • APC Sensor
Let's suppose they will literally include everything above. (Obviously no 4k 60 + DPAF, are you out of your mind ?)

What would happen to the new G Series cameras ?

Personally, I don't care about 4k. Thus, I recently got myself a G7x II. The autofocus is o k a y.

Hopefully there will be an update for the G3X II with DPAF in it. But as we all know Canon, we'll see an update as early as in 2022.

Who am I joking ?


In year 2025.
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