Venus Optics is set to announce the Laowa Argus line of f/0.95 prime lenses for mirrorless


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Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
I do love the crazy people over at Venus Optics. They have brought us some real interesting lenses rather than just rehashing the same old, same old. I can't wait to see some reviews of that FF 35mm 0.95 with 15 aperture blades.
Their shift (but no tilt) lens is on my short list for my next impulse purchase. As the weather warms up it is a good possibility. If I see a really good deal on the 5D IV, that could win out. I'm not that well off, but without opportunities for travel, money I would normally use for that is still sitting in my checking accounts and saying, "Shouldn't you be buying something?" My car has less than 3,000 miles on it, my house is not that old and has more room than I need (particularly now without guests), and while my iMac is from 2014, it still seems plenty fast even editing and processing 4K video, so I don't have any big ticket items in mind. When I go to take pictures, I almost never think, "Gee, I wish I had . . . ." The exception was when I was taking pictures of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction with my 100–400mm zoom, when a longer lens and maybe a little more resolution for blowing up would have been nice. But I'm not too motivated to equip for something 80 years from now. My pictures still impress people, including me, showing rings on Saturn and four moons of Jupiter. And I do have a telescope that I didn't bother to get out.
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I'm a low-light junky and 0.95 is awesome. I have several 0.95 lenses. Mitakon 35/0.95 II for aps-c Sony E. Mitakon 17/0.95 for MFT. Mitakon RF 50/0.95 . Also 2 Voigtlaenders at 0.95 but one of them is horrible wide open ( for nightsky ). . For fullframe I have a 35mm at 1.2 . Curious to see this 35mm /0.95 ... Manual focus. No IS. Hopefully declicked. That's the best of lenses.
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