What’s next for the Canon Cinema EOS line?

H. Jones

Aug 1, 2014
C70 need viewfinder . Rig might be work in many scenerio , but in documents styles work , run and gun rig and all attached accessories is nightmare .
When first c100 appear I got zacuto evf because first one had very bad evf , but it was nightmare working on wedding , when canon c100mk2 appear I straight away got 2 of them , do not forget there was no big difference still only 8 bit but EVF finally usable .
EVF in c100mk2 no issues when working with gimbal , stedycam .
Canon why not make version c70 with evf . I need 3 c70 , I am ready to pay extra for that . C100mk2 made a lots of money for canon , c70 can make even more just simply evf please

I'm in a similar camp here. We have C200s at work for our primary cameras, and got a C70 last year mainly for smaller/lighter b-roll shooting. The C70 is a great camera and would definitely replace our C200s in almost every way, but so often on shoots in bright sunlight it's next to impossible to see what's on the screen. I also sometimes find on a monopod it can be a lot steadier if you're able to look through the viewfinder and brace the camera against your head while shooting, though we don't shoot like that way too often.

I would love a RF-mount C200 replacement(C90?) that had an adjustable viewfinder on it like the C200. We have an EOS R5C on pre-order, and I'm excited to see how that camera fits into our shooting habits, especially considering it also has a viewfinder and may come in handy for b-roll in bright sunlight.
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In the professional world, there is no such thing as "a PROPER HDMI". Considering HDMI is non-locking and a full-sized cable connector is pretty large, I think it's almost more of a liability than one of the smaller variants.
This is the mirrorless camera world. Sony and Nikon have already moved to full-size HDMI, and the high-end Lumix cameras from Panasonic have included HDMI type A connectors long before everybody else. What a would like to see instead is a micro-BNC connector.
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May 8, 2015
I've been a regular reader of Canonrumors.com for years, but lately I've been questioning whether or not to continue.

The reason? The ads are just ridiculous. I don't mind ads. But the ads on this site are at a completely insane level. It's a major turn off.
Agreed - the ads are very distracting, and even with cookies enabled, the vast majority of ads have nothing whatsoever to do with photography.

If we're going to have ads thrust in front of us, it would be nice if they at least had some relevance.
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Wouldn't make logical and financial sense for Canon to add EVF to Canon C70. Or even for the Canon C90. Because that's another $1000 added to the final price. If an EVF and SDI were added to the Canon C70, we're looking at $1500 - $2000 additional. That's not an attractive price point for anyone.

Also, Canon would say "Hey screw the C200 and C300 Mark III. We don't care about those cameras" if they added the stuff you guys want to the C90. Canon could, but I see low odds of Canon doing that. The Canon C500 Mark II wouldn't matter either.

If you're a true filmmaker, you make it work anyway.
- EVF? Go get an Atomos/SmallHD.
- SDI? HDMI. Make it work.
- The dual pixel auto focus sucks? Manual focus. I pull focus on my own so this doesn't matter to me.

The C70 is a GREAT Cinema camera.
- 12 bit RAW firmware update in March 2022.
- XLR inputs
- 10 stops ND filters built in
- Canon Log 2
- Small compact. Fast set up.
- DGO (16+ stops of dynamic range)
- Speed booster gives Full Frame look and don't have to invest in RF lenses
- Canon color science
- Can take photos

C70 is more than enough to do short films AND indie feature film. Yes, this camera absolutely can do narrative pieces. Don't kid yourself. A lot of great short films, TV series, and full features used Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III back in the day.

And now these vloggers are saying that the C70 cannot do that? LOL. Vloggers...they cannot cut it as narrative filmmakers anyway so they end up beating down the C70. Jeezus almighty. This BS regarding the C70 not being able to do the job is straight up lying.

For anyone reading this: I'm not selling you on a Canon C70. Quite the contrary.

If you cannot do short films/commercial work/indie features, with the C70 as Camera A, then you FAILED as a filmmaker and should remain as vlogger/videographer doing useless comparisons on Youtube. There is so much power within this camera OMG.

Most digital cinema cameras will not be Arri Alexa Mini LF/Arri Alexa 65 or RED V-Raptor. Do you have $50K+ for rigged out versions?

Why are vloggers doing Canon C70 vs Sony A7SIII??? GTFO.

I'm not even gonna go into Spec Wars. I don't need to. Honestly, I would be laughed off the set if I was on a commercial gig/short film set with the small thin size of the Sony A7SIII. My employers would feel ripped off. My crew would question me. That's the truth. The size of the C70 makes me respectable especially when it's rigged out.
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Canon R3, Sony A7s
Jul 7, 2016
The cinema stuff is cool, but I really want to hear if there's anything coming down the pipe for the RF 500mm f4 or the possible RF 200-500mm f4.
Same same I would love the ef 500mm f4 for my R3 but I saw a video of a guy shooting dragonfly's in flight (albeit hovering and you have to manual focus to get it close first) on the 100-500mm. He said some things were just not possible with af on the ef adapted glass no matter how expensive. If I'm only going to buy one 12,000 aud lens in my life I would love it to perform the best is possibly can as I actually have tried to film dragonfly's and bees in flight. However I'm sure the ef version is 12k AUD the rf version will be 17k AUD so would hope and pray for some comparison test.
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