Zoo Pics 3


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Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi AZhelishot.
Really nice shots, I particularly like crayola, great shot. We really enjoyed Phoenix Zoo when we were there, have you been to the Out of Africa Wildlife park? http://outofafricapark.com We had a great day there with the exception of my 40D shutter quitting on me forcing me to use my 300D, how small the buffer was.
The ride on the truck around the park is (was) well worth it, watch out for the Ostrich, it is true, it will try to eat your P&S camera or mobile phone.

Cheers, Graham.

azhelishot said:
Phoenix Zoo...Phoenix, AZ

Tony Britton

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Dec 2, 2016
MrFotoFool said:
Last thread is getting long, starting a new one. Post your favorite zoo photos below.

I will start it off with a recent shot at a summer night opening at Reid Park Zoo. Canon 5D3 with 70-200 2_8 (non IS) and 1.4x extender. Racked out to full 280mm (and cropped in post) and wide open at f4 (extender takes one stop away). ISO 2500.
Wonderful photo. Congratulations on this one!



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Sep 25, 2010
amendegw said:
Orangutan said:
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Probably your niece. :) Here's her hubby. They're both looking for Congressional Jobs. :)
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