Announcements shortly
We can expect announcements for a few more PowerShot's in the next 7 days.

There will be a 2nd announcement for an SLR I'm told.

1Ds Mark IV
I've been burned with bad information about the camera before, so I'm being very cautious as to what I publish here. I am mentioning this because it's being sent to me from various places.

The recent flurry of emails points to a 2011 announcement date. Apparently it's due to the lack of competition in the segement. There's the D3x and nothing else.

It's suggested Canon will wait until Nikon shows their cards with a D3xs or D4x.

CR's Take
I don't think things work this way. Canon already knows what Nikon has up their sleeves for the most part and the same the other way around. If companies held products back to see what the competition was doing, nothing would ever reach market.

Photokina is a big show, so it's tough to see just the 60D being introduced for Photokina. Although, the need for trade shows and building product hype is lessening by the year.

Nikon will be bringing 2 more lenses to market in the next couple of weeks. I expect Canon to do at least one more.

14-24 & 24-70 are the likely candidates if I go by  recent suggestions.

This is speculation on my part.


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