Gura Gear has made my favourite travel backpack for as long as I can remember, so I'm not sure how I feel about this, I was never a fan of Tamrac's products. I've always appreciated the small and focused product range that Gura Gear provided. The Bataflae bags are also the best made travel packs I've ever used and abused.

If you remember, Tamrac went bankrupt and Gura Gear acquired the long standing camera bag brand and all of its assets.

The new Tamrac G Elite G26 (26L) and G32 (32L) are now available for preorder.

From Tamrac:

One Brand. One Vision. One Message.

We've always had one vision; to carry your photography dreams to the ends of the Earth.  Gura Gear developed a bit of a reputation for camera bags that are durable, beautiful, functional, and capable of traveling anywhere and everywhere.

We aren't interested in resting on our reputation, so to grow and spread our ideas to a wider audience, we bought Tamrac. A brand with a nearly 40 year heritage and a global network. Now, we've taken the best of Gura Gear, injected it into the all new TAMRAC and would like to welcome you to the TAMRAC family.

The New TAMRAC is built by Gura Gear
Over the last six months we've introduced several new awesome TAMRAC bags built on Gura Gear's core design philosophies; lightweight, premium materials, PVC free, and quality craftsmanship. The new Anvil, Corona, and Stratus bags embody these ideas. The industry has taken notice too.

“For almost 40 years, Tamrac has been producing bags aimed towards photographers who embraced the great outdoors. Their brand new collection of Anvil backpacks … continues their tradition while making a number of exciting design choices that make this collection their best ever.” – Fstoppers, September 2015

Built on Gura Gear's DNA, the all new TAMRAC G-ELITE G32 and G26 introduce tougher, lighter fabrics with the world's strongest fiber, Dyneema®, along with a new front pocket system that can accommodate a laptop, light reflector, jacket or whatever else you need for your photographic journey. G-ELITE is designed to maximize every cubic centimeter of the overhead bin space while being easy to use from the back seat of land rover chasing hyenas, lions, and wild dogs. G-ELITE is the apex of volume efficient, lightweight camera carrying. Take a sneak peek at the G32 and G26. Available in Olive and Charcoal.

Where is Gura Gear going?  The same place it has always gone.  To the ends of the Earth.

More Questions and Answers …

Is the Gura Gear brand going away?

Yes, we are consolidating the brands as simply, TAMRAC. In the coming days, will cease to exist and all traffic will be pointed to

Will my Gura Gear bag still be covered by a warranty?

Yes, the same warranty that applied when your bag was purchased will continue to apply.

Will there be special offers on Gura Gear branded products?

Yes, all current Gura Gear products in stock are now marked down and in our new Outlet as well as available at a discount through participating dealers.

If you bought Tamrac, why don't you consolidate the brands to Gura Gear?

Great question. Simple answers. Tamrac has been around for nearly 40 years, has greater brand equity, is easier to remember, spell and say, and we simply like it better.

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