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H.264 Realtime Editing Coming? [CR1]

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Native 5D Mark II Video
“Folks. I think I have been sitting on this news long enough. As you all know, one of the most frustration thing about video editing in HD is that you can never work directly with the original clips without some serious performance hit and frame skipping.

The solution to this issue, so far, has been to either use proxies or transcode the clip into a format that can be rendered in real time (ex: ProRes 422). Each of these solutions has a disadvantage. Proxies add complexity to the workflow (I wish Premiere or FCP would handle them like After Effects does) and if you transcode to another codec, you are losing some image quality (they don’t handle the color the same way). The lost might be minimal but it is there. That is why some people just keep editing in H.264 and accept the ever present render bar as a necessary evil.

Well, it is time to rejoice because very soon all of these issues are going to be history! I have learned that the next version of Quicktime (coming with Snow Leopard) is going to allow real time editing of the Canon 5DMrkII H.264 clips!”

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19 responses to “H.264 Realtime Editing Coming? [CR1]”

  1. I’ve been running the 64 bit RC version of windows 7 and Windows Media Player now plays the Canon .mov files very smoothly.

    I expect that Windows 7 will really help solve Video editing problems for those who use PC’s. I’m going to install some editing software to see if it helps.

    I think the main reason it is better is that system overhead in windows 7 is much lower, allowing your processor to devote more resources to the video. Its also very nice to have built-in support for .mov files, QT is very buggy on pc’s.

  2. Windows 7 won’t make your video editing faster. It still has old legacy code and their “quicktime” technology is not on par with Apple’s.

  3. if by not on par with quicktime, you mean dozens of times faster and more efficient and actually able to run 5dmkii .mov files smoothly, then yes, the W7 stuff is not on par with Apple’s qicktime codec hah!

    (btw you do know that the amazing Apple quicktime package, on Windows, neither support HW h.264 accel in video cards nor multiple CPU cores? And is not even very efficient even on the one CPU core it does run on?)

  4. I know it’s an old post, but for all of you searching for a realtime editing solution for h264 HD clips, a french company has developed a CUDA (nVIDIA cards only) accelerated h264 decoder that is very impressive.

    Search for Divide frame GPU Decoder and you tell me :D

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