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Hands-On With the Canon Cinema EOS C200 & Pricing

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Newsshooter has published their hands-on with the Canon Cinema EOS C200, which doesn’t look like it has been officially announced yet, though it should be shortly.

As far as pricing goes, the new camera will be priced at £7,699 in the UK or $7,499 in US and is scheduled to begin shipping in July.

From Newshooter:

The C200 feels solid in the hand and the form factor at least seems to be the result of listening to what customers say they have been wanting. The same can be said of the framerates – 4K 60p and HD 120fps, from Canon, in an affordable package! And the appeal of a native EF mount with no adapters necessary shouldn’t be underestimated. But there’s always a but – and it feels like Canon are going to have to work hard to persuade buyers that their recording formats and bitrates can live up to the promise of the hardware. Read the full hands-on

You can check out the full specifications for the Canon Cinema EOS C200 here.

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