We hardly knew ye
It was pointed out to me that Henry's (Canada) has pulled the 5D Mark II from their web site. Why? Not sure. It could be to get people to stop inquiring or a database booboo.

We'll see.

Thanks for the tip


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  1. I just received an e-mail from Vistek that my 5D2 has shipped. I ordered it on September 23rd. I’m in Toronto.

  2. Received tracking # via email today.
    Ordered from Henrys on Sept 25th. I’m in Toronto..
    can’t wait…

  3. Received today Henrys, order date Sept 22 looks like a bunch came in looking a the number of folks receiving.

  4. What’s appalling is the profiteering going on on ebay right now.

    And then you look at the price Best Buy is offering in the US.

    I love Canon, but they really have their head up their ass on this one.

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