A tidbit of info
Canon is looking to expand their entry level line of cameras. Nikon has grabbed a lot of market share with theirs, as has Sony.

Some features being considered:

Articulating LCD on one model
Movie Mode with AF
A far more consumer friendly liveview mode.
Inbody IS does exist in Canon R&D labs

There is little chance of adding a 3rd Rebel, but they will continue to develop 2 different models


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    Canon, I will have your baby if you put an articulating LCD on an XSI. I will apologize for Nagasaki because, darn it, we should have let you have the darned oil. I’ll let my blonde daughter dance in your strip bars! What have you been waiting for!?

  2. I never can get why the “IS please!!!” crowd keeps up with that song and dance…
    Sony and Olympus both charge you more for their good lenses that don’t have IS in them…and that is one of the big arguments they produce for the inbody but it’s wrong…

    I’d also love a full frame smaller cheaper camera and I would LOVE to see them STOP!!!! the MP race…
    12 is perfect for 90 percent of people…
    faster AF – Faster frames per second – some sort of remote flash system closer to quantum than nikon (meaning with ttl) – that last one is actually the one thing I want more than anything in all their cameras…

  3. If Canon is serious about winning back some market share, they should introduce articulating LCD and in-body IS.

    Honestly, I am not very fond of their 15 MP APS-C sensor design unless they have some further tricks up their sleeves…

    So, if Canon does not introduce the features I mention above, I will wait for the competition to come up with the lenses I want and then jump ship.

  4. Please, Canon, NO 2000D.

    Anyone remember the D2000?

    Anyone remember the…Canonflex…R2000?

    Go to Wal-Mart and buy a name. Any name that doesn’t have 2000 in it.

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