Imaging Resource has posted an interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki, they cover everything from Sigma's new mirrorless cameras to Sigma's new f/1.8 zooms. The interview is pretty candid and a good one.

Dave Etchells/Imaging Resource: We’re really surprised and excited by your new mirrorless cameras. That was a big surprise. We had no idea you were working on them, and they’ve generated a lot of interest and debate with our readers. Can you give us some background on why you decided to get into the mirrorless market?

Kazuto Yamaki/Sigma: I was also surprised at the response from the customers. Actually, it was quite a natural decision for us, because when we started the project we discussed what the camera for the next generation should be. And we discussed what is the advantage of [our cameras]. And of course, it’s the Foveon X3 sensor. It’s a very sharp image, and very crisp per-pixel. A small focus error in the image would be very visible, though, because the sharpness per pixel is quite high for our camera. So there are many advantages [for a mirrorless camera over a DSLR]. The [lower] focus accuracy and mirror shock [of a DSLR], does not exist in the mirrorless system. So we decided to go to mirrorless. Read the full interview

We expect Sigma to make a big splash at Photokina in 2016. There is also speculation we may see some cinema lenses from Sigma at NAB this year.

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