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I received an email in response to the report the November 24, 2009 announcement day had been pushed back until January.

“Yes, it has been delayed until January now, this is the second time this has happened although this time not due to a technical issues but more marketing. If everything goes to plan (which hardly happens to be honest), January will be a killer month for announcements:

1Ds Mark IV together with the new duo of high end lenses. The 70-200 2.8 IS II and of course the 24-70 II IS.”

CR's Take
The lenses I'm not shocked by, they've sort of become the lenses that will always be replaced. I'll be taking a wait and see approach.

However, a 1Ds4 announcement already? I thought the 1D4 was early…. this would be crazy.


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  1. Oh yes it is imperative… Imagine the outcry of the public at large when a lens does NOT have IS… That instantly makes it a bad one (or so is claimed). Imagined value is what sells, real value is just nice.

  2. I was told not too buy the Canon Mark 5D II because canon was releasing a new 5D in January to compete with the new Nikon ISO capabilities. Has any one heard this or have any details???

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