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What’s not coming
All the patents for DO lenses has sparked some questions. I’m told that no DO lenses are planned for the near future.

What is coming?
From a decent source, this is claimed to be the roadmap. Timing of this stuff is still up in the air. You just have to look at the delays of the new lenses until March to see nothing is ever written in stone.

There will be an abundance of “speciality” lenses. I can see it happening, you’re not going to sell that many tilt shift lenses, so production is less of an issue.

Tilt Shifts
Both the TS-E 45 and TS-E 90 will be updated in 2011. Availability may not be until 2012. Both lenses will be L.

A new long Macro is coming. It may not be 180mm, but it will be an L. An EF-S macro with the hybrid IS will also appear.

More L’s?
There’s nothing to add about the usual suspects for replacement. We all know what’s been talked about countless times.

A wide angle f/4L with IS is “definitely coming”.

Nothing on bodies at the moment.

Lots of murmurs about an entry level full frame camera. Nothing concrete and this idea pops up every so often.

Lens Rentals Used Gear Sale
LR still has a few used lenses for Canon. I’m surprised to see 70-200 f/2.8L IS version 1’s in stock. A 10-22 at $599 is still available. It’s a fantastic lens!



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