*Update* We've added new specifications for the Canon EOS R5, check them out here.

The Canon EOS RS/R5 specifications that we posted yesterday certainly caused a stir on this site with lots of discussions here as well as on social media.

I haven't read the forums in regard to what we posted, nor have I checked in on Facebook, I didn't want to overthink things, so I've just stuck with talking to some sources and friends about this rumored camera.

The good news?

A known source has let us know that what was, posted yesterday has a lot of truth to it. It's not 100% accurate, but they did not clarify any specifications, as this particular source never does.

Yes, we have two reports on the resolution of the sensor and a slight discrepancy in the stills frame rate.

Again, the way this information came to us is the reason I posted it, however, I can't clarify that any further.

Let us clarify

Sometimes the way specifications are initially reported aren't to be taken at face value, as we rarely get the fine print about features until a product launches.

I'm sure some on the forum have already mentioned the following things, but as I said, I've stayed away from reading the forum thread for now.

  • 8K @ 30fps RAW
    • As suggested on Twitter by a reader, this could perhaps be a timelapse feature. Things get messed up in translation and excitement.
  • 4K@120fps & 4K@60fps
    • It's possible that the video features such as this could come with a heavy crop to get the heat down.
  • Frame rate and resolution
    • We don't know the full capabilities of the new DIGIC X processor, and if this camera is equipped with CFexpress, this frame rate at 40+mp could be possible.
  • Is this really the high megapixel replacement for the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R?
    • It doesn't feel that way to me, it seems more like an EOS 5D Mark V as it has been presented. Remember, we made up “EOS RS” as a model name and we have no confirmation on what this new camera may be called.

There are other sites already claiming that their sources are saying this is all nonsense, but I'm pretty confident a lot of what we posted yesterday is accurate and would raise this set of specifications to a [CR2].

I am still waiting to hear back from others about this rumored camera and I will obviously post an update once I have one.

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