Loupedeck, the photo-edit console, continues to see a growing community and happy customers in 2018. The reason is simple: for those in the photography business, where the editing of multiple images has always proved a huge drain on time and energy, the console has been an absolute game-changer.

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It is becoming increasingly true that time is perhaps the most valuable commodity for professional photographers and creatives, as well as for amateurs too. To that end, Loupedeck is a photo-editing console that’s been custom-made to ‘supercharge’ the experience of using Adobe Lightroom – and rapidly improve the process of selecting and editing shots more quickly and more intuitively.

Loupedeck is a device explicitly designed to make the editing of photos so simple that photographers of all skill levels will have greater time and increased energy to devote to the creative aspect of their work.

Simply put, no more disruption to your workflow, there’s no more looking for ‘hidden’ controls and furthermore, the smart looking and smart-acting Loupedeck console can cut down editing time by up to a quarter. In short, this is the device to make light work of Lightroom…

Internationally renowned fashion and documentary photographer, Ger Ger, says of Loupedeck, “It speeds up the editing workflow considerably and it feels very organic to use.”

loupedeck02 728x410 - Loupedeck - Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck

Pep Williams’ gritty inner-city and prison photography has recently been breaking new artistic ground in the US. He calls Loupedeck, “A killer product.”

Jessica Zollman, an influential L.A based photographer says, “Using Loupedeck makes me feel like I am a photo-editing rockstar.”

And for countless other hobbyists, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs (like wedding photographers, for example), Loupedeck has been hailed as a simply indispensable tool.

All-in-all, the last two years have been quite a journey for Loupedeck – the best-selling console device dedicated to bringing out everyone’s A-game when using Adobe Lightroom photo-editing software. Since the console arrived on global markets in late-spring 2017 critical acclaim has been strong.

loupedeck03 728x410 - Loupedeck - Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck

Ger Ger is an artist, photographer and has worked as a creative director at L’Officiel, Condé Nast, WWD and Hearst, amongst others. With an enviable portfolio, his work has appeared in magazines that include Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as for luxury conglomerates that include LVMH (otherwise known as Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

Of Loupedeck, Ger Ger says, “I’m really a big fan of great design, haptics, and attention to detail. I really like it if people, designers, developers and companies care. Well, I’m a perfectionist myself. I feel with Loupedeck that I really love to use it on a daily basis and this feeling does not get old. Aside from my actual computer hardware and hard drives, this is the one and only other device that in my eyes can make a huge difference and improve a professional photographer’s workflow substantially.”

Pep Williams describes himself as a ‘street photographer’. His work has been seen in magazines and exhibitions across the world. Recently, Williams did a major photoshoot entitled ‘Out of Bounds’ in a California State prison.

Of Loupedeck, he says, “It truly performs. It actually makes me want to get more in detail with my images… and because it makes it so easy, I now spend time editing more. For me, what I love about it, is that it goes where I go. It’s super-lightweight and fits in my bag perfectly. It’s easy to use and it’s fast.”

Jessica Zollman, an acclaimed Los Angeles-based photographer and influencer, is well-known as one of the original core team at Instagram, which she joined (as employee #5) back in 2011. Forging her own successful professional path since 2013, of Loupedeck, Zollman says, “As a long-time Lightroom user, it makes editing intuitive, quick, and – most importantly – extremely fun.”

The $209 Loupedeck is available for purchase at B&H Photo Video and Amazon.

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