We're told to expect at least one camcorder to be announced ahead of NAB next month. We're likely going to see a “professional” version of the VIXIA G50.

We're also told that the upcoming PL mount CN-E prime lenses coming from Canon are a bit of a “throwback” to the discontinued Canon K35 cinema lenses. The older K35 lenses remain quite popular for filmmakers, and we're expecting these new PL mount prime lenses to offer a similar classic look with modern features and build quality.

Canon’s Cine Prime Lineup:

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  1. Assuming this new camcorder is an XA series, which is basically the same as the Vixia G series, but with a top handle XLR input, a 4K XA series camera makes sense, but Canon is gonna have to change their attitude about pricing the XA series. Currently in the US the XA15 (with no 4K) is on sale at $1799 (from $1899) and the XF400 is on sale for $2499 (from $2999). I do believe there still is room for the lower-spec XA series, but they can't make it any more expensive than the current XA15.
  2. K-35 clones would sell well. Really well. A lot of people, myself included, have a set of moded FDs just to try and get close, seeing as the K-35s shared the same elements. Not perfect by any means, but the cost of a k-35 full set lies somewhere between a fancy car and a 3 bedroom house depending on condition...

    Also, if anyone is curious of what matching FD glass and K-35 glass looks like, watch The Handmaid’s Tale. They mix them together in that show, and rather well I think.

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