Just wondering if you guys have any information on a new EOS release due for the 25th March 2009.
Ive been told by a reliable source that there is a new camera to either be released or announced.

thats all the information i could get out of him

If a camera is announced, I'd expect a Rebel.


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  1. release dates of the precedessors:
    300d – 08/2003
    350d – 03/2005
    400d – 09/2006
    450d – 03/2008
    500d – xx/200x

    i don’t have to use my calculator to make a guess when the next rebel (xsti or whatever they’ll name it) is due.

    (hint: it ain’t march!)

  2. Looks like, someone “photoshoped” a 400d ord 450d, doesn’t it ?
    Don’t miss understand, i am one of those people can’t wait to get an new rebel, because i don’t want to buy one now cause i am hoping that a new one will come out.

    regards from germany

  3. There is no HDMI port which Canon seems to be putting in all the recent models. Unless for some reason they wouldn’t include it with a new 500D.

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