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New PocketWizards Around The Corner

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We use them, we love them. They’re bringing us new ones.

pocketwizard - New PocketWizards Around The Corner

See the teaser:

We just have to wait until Monday to learn about them.

thanks moophisto


13 responses to “New PocketWizards Around The Corner”

  1. 1 – unless they can use TTL and high speed sync then the size issue isn’t that much of a turn on for me. I already have a set and i love them in the studio but in the real world I hate to say it but I prefer my ste2 since i can move on the fly and get ETTL.

    2. When have you ever seen anything get cheaper in a new model?

    Heres hoping that at least one of the above wishes is granted…

  2. I bet they can do ETTL, are compatible (non TTL) with current Pocketwizards, can be computer controlled via Wi-Fi and have better range.

  3. It’s about time! The current Plus II are too big and don’t have auto-shut off… I hate forgetting the things on and then running out of battery in the middle of a photo shoot…

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