Canon News has uncovered a pretty interesting and pretty in-depth set of patents for what looks to be an interchangeable lens gimbal style camera, though there may not actually be a gimbal here.

From this Canon patent

In recent years, a video distribution service using a communication network such as the Internet has become widespread, and a user can upload captured video content to the video distribution service. Further, when a user shoots a moving image, it is required to shoot a moving image in a free posture in various situations and to take a moving image from various angles. As a related technique, an imaging device of Patent Document 1 has been proposed. The image pickup apparatus of Patent Document 1 makes it possible to invert the display of the display unit according to the orientation of the lens unit while rotating the lens unit with respect to the main body about one axis to switch the shooting direction.

I really don't know what to make of this, or really what to call it. The DJI OSMO seems to be the closest product out there to this, but they aren't even all that close in design or execution.

You can head on over to Canon News to get Richard's insight into this patent.

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