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Patent: Canon stereoscopic lens for the RF mount

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Canon News has uncovered an interesting patent for a stereoscopic lens for what appears to be the RF mount.

According to the patent, this would only work on a full-frame camera, as the two lenses have an image height of 8.75mm which fits perfectly for a full-frame sensor.

According to the patent language, the application is for a camera, as the design takes into account a camera grip for usability.

In the lens device, since the angle of view of the optical system is relatively narrow and the distance (baseline length) between the optical axes of the two optical systems is short, the realism of the obtained stereoscopic image is not sufficient.  On the other hand, in the imaging apparatus described in Patent Document 1, when the two optical systems to try to increase the base length with a wide-angle of view, lens apparatus is enlarged. In this case, when the lens device is attached to the main body of the imaging device, the grip performance (easiness to hold) may be affected. It is an object of the present invention to provide a lens device that enables stereoscopic photography and does not impair ease of holding.

What’s the application for such a lens? I’m not too sure at the moment. Maybe some of you will know.

Canon stereoscopic lens specifications (this is for both lenses):

  • Focal length:5.57mm
  • F-number: 2.80
  • Half angle of view: 90.00°
  • Image height: 8.75mm
  • Total lens length: 96.00mm
  • BF: 13.50mm