We reported a while back that Canon was working on a new style of ILC camera, and the XC line seemed like an obvious place to look at first. Now we have a patent that shows an ILC XC style camera. It looks like the patent is about a lens converter, but I don't speak patent all that well.


An image pickup apparatus capable of preventing burning of an image pickup element by a light flux through an optical system provided between an interchangeable lens and an image pickup element even when an interchangeable lens is detached from a camera body.
An image pickup device for photoelectrically converting a light flux having passed through an interchangeable lens, a converter provided between the lens mount unit and the image pickup device, An image pickup apparatus 1 including a lens 102 is provided. The converter lens 102 moves to the first position where the light flux from the converter lens 102 does not form an image on the image pickup element in conjunction with the operation of detaching the interchangeable lens 2 from the lens mount portion 101. Read More…

We have heard multiple times about a new style of camera, and back in January we got a description of one, which doesn't match what we see here.


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