A Canon patent was found over at Northlight Images for a 50mm/1.8, which was replaced relatively recently, and a APS-C 30mm/1.8 lens has appeared at the Japanese patent office (No. 2017-102352 )

Full frame lens specifications:

  • Focal length 51.60mm
  • F number 1.85
  • Field angle 22.75
  • Image Height 21.64mm
  • Lens total length 84.19mm
  • BF 39.08mm

APS-C lens specifications:

  • Focal length 30.90mm
  • F number 1.85
  • Field angle 23.85mm
  • Image height 13.66mm
  • Lens total length 84.50mm
  • BF 35.50mm

There has always been rumbings about a “good” EF-S prime coming and 30mm has been passed around over the years, however nothing has every come of it.

The EF-S 35mm f/2.8 IS STM Macro hasn't started shipping yet, while a very neat looking lens, it's not exactly the “fast” prime people have been looking for from Canon for APS-C shooters.

Northlight Images does say that they've been told to expect a “good” EF-S prime in the future.

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