I was speaking with others about today's article about a new type of camera coming from Canon, and it looks like this patent could be related to the new EF/EF-S > EF-M adaptor.

This patent application was published back in October of 2017.

Canon News interprets US Patent Application 20170295307

This patent basically explains a new adapter for mirrorless that would sit in between the camera and the lenses.

This adapter would have the ability to silently change the ND filter value to eliminate aperture opening / closing noise during video recording.

It would also allow for the use of very fast lenses with a dynamic method of controlling the amount of light received by the camera without stopping down the lens.

Supply chain sources have said in the past that Canon can sometimes bring two versions of a product to “production ready” and then basically decide at the last minute which one will get produced. This could be the case with the two rumored camera bodies currently in testing.

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