We've had a follow-up from yesterdays story about a “new style of camera” being tested by Canon. The original source and second source have added to the story.

A breakdown of what we've been told, I've labeled the sources 1 (original) & 2 (new):

  • Removable grip (1)
  • The body has two scroll wheels like a pro Canon DSLR (1)
  • Two versions of the camera (2)
  • Bigger camera is EF/EF-S (2)
  • Smaller camera is EF-M (2)
  • Canon is working on a new EF/EF-S to EF-M adaptor to make Cinema lenses fully compatible with the EF-M mount camera. (2)

There is one contradiction between the two sources. Source 1 says the body does NOT look like the XC line, the second source said they do. This sort of thing can be up to the eye of the beholder, so we'll look past it for now.

After receiving these two separate  bits of information, I began to wonder if I was being trolled, but I noticed something from source #2 that gave me a bit more confidence in the information. Still, none of this information is confirmed at this time.

I did lower the rating to [CR1] on this.

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