As we dig through all of this “new camera” chatter from recent days, we continue to be reminded of patent applications over the last few months.

This one is for a soft focus Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3. This sort of lens could basically be an EF-M Cine Lens which would use the soft focus capability to blur out the background in shots.

Canon News Interprets Japan Patent Application 2018-10282:

While the lens itself isnt' that exciting and originally I wasn't going to even post this patent application. After some later thought, I decided it may be showing a trend in what Canon may be considering – a EF-M mini-CINI-EOS.

The curious thing to also note is that this would indicate a camera with a APS-C sensor

However both of them exhibit no image height and back focus changes as the lens goes from wide to far, which is a trend in CINI lenses more than regular zooms.

We think there is something definitely going on, as we're getting a lot of detailed patent applications on complete and near complete products.

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