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Patent: Refined fully articulating screen

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A patent showing a refined fully articulating screen for cameras has appeared at the Japan patent office (Patent application: 2018-133632).

This patent actually looks at changing the backlight intensity of the LCD depending on how the articulating screen is positioned.

The second part of this patent application looks at how to make the hinge that operates the articulating screen smaller. The engineering required for these hinges is quite complicated.

From Japan patent application 2018-133632:

Also when the surface where an illuminance detection sensor is arranged when the display device combined with the rotatable biaxial hinge is operated differs from the surface which the display device has turned to largely, an illuminance detection sensor will be interlocked with, and the brilliance control of a display device will be controlled by a prior art. that is, a luminance change of an unsuitable display device (TFT) is made — like — problem occurs. When the illuminance sensor was provided in the rotatable display unit, the problem that enlargement, i.e., a camera, will be enlarged by the display unit existed.

Then, the object of this invention arranges an illuminance sensor to the dead space in a camera body, and miniaturizes a camera body. In addition, it is having the display device combined with the illuminance detection means and the rotatable biaxial hinge, and making suitable intensity control of the aforementioned display device the aforementioned illuminance detection means according to the position state of the above-mentioned rotatable biaxial hinge.


The dark side - I've been there
CR Pro
Nov 7, 2013
Really interesting.
I would welcome every patent, that would reduce the size of the hinge without making it weeker.
About the "backlight intensity " : would like to see, how well that works together with the "detection sensor ".
Aug 23, 2018
I'm not a fan for the swing-out-to-left screen of my M50. I'd rather have the new patent that swings out up. The out-left moves it too far out for my right hand, and sometimes the evf shuts it off thinking my hand is my eyes. Actually the M6 tilt up or down is better for me.


Wildlife Photographer
Aug 24, 2018
Ahmedabad, India
Well if I understand this post I think it should be for a mirrorless system because we are seeing the Nikon Z7 and Z6 with a really bright screens. I think it will be the answer to Nikon.


Apr 23, 2018
i greatly prefer the "classic" left hinged fully articulated displays over "tilty-flippy only", no matter how the latter are implemented (worst way ever encountered is on EOS M5).

"fully articulated" displays are "really right": they work in both landscape and portrait orientation, tilty-flippy does not, it is a vlogger hack only. about 40% of my captures are in portrait orientation.

EOS M50 implementation is perfectly fine.

like all tilty-flippy implementations, Nikon Z7/6 display hinge sucks. just try it in portrait orientation and you immediately now what's wrong. :)


Apr 23, 2018
in terms of "intelligent display brightness auto-adjust" all makers have still a long ways to go.