August 26
It appears the article may have been from 2008. This is why you should clearly date stuff.

D3X vs 1Ds Mark III
A review site I just bumped into put the 2 $$$ beasts up against each other.

A Direct Quote
With all that out of the way, here's our comparison: the Canon 1Ds Mark III beat the Nikon D3X in most measures of image quality – detail, color accuracy, noise and dynamic range. Usually not by much, but with convincing consistency. The Nikon, however, has much better autofocus and mechanics. The D3x’s ability to focus via the Live View data stream is a significant distinction, depending on how problematic heat buildup is. The comparison of Nikon and Canon user interfaces is subjective in the end. We like Nikon's variations in controls.”

The review is from June and I just read it today.


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