DPReview has completed their review of the Canon EOS M5.

From DPReview:

The EOS M5 has plenty going for it. Shooting smooth, properly focused video is incredibly easy, and the new 24MP sensor has made great strides in overall image quality. Dual Pixel autofocus makes for faster, more precise focusing and really makes the M5 shine with adapted lenses. Unfortunately, it sits in a crowded market and its excellent usability can't quite make up for the fact that you can arguably get more camera for less money elsewhere. Read the full review

Most of the reviews we've read about the Canon EOS M5 have been relatively positive, especially when compared to the first iterations of the EOS M system. Canon may have “caught up” in most cased as far as a mirrorless body goes, but they are still lacking lenses for more serious shooters, autofocus is still middle of the road, and there's still a feeling Canon isn't fully invested in mirrorless systems in their current form.

It looks like the EOS M5 is a good buy if you want to stay with the familiarity of the Canon system.


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