Former Canon Explorer or Light Ole J Liodden, who switched to Nikon back in 2010 has completed his review of a preproduction version of the brand new Nikon D5 DSLR. The review is very well written with some very good photography.

As you already has understood – the new Nikon D5 camera is in my opinion not only a small improvement, but has set new standards especially regarding the AF-system and High ISO performance which will be hard to beat for other camera models. For me it looks like Nikon has found back to the “Nikon DNA” and again has a camera that is on top of the line. I’m really looking forward to get my final version of this camera (not Beta) and use it on my upcoming photo expeditions. Read the full review

We're looking forward in seeing Canon's response to the Nikon D5, we think it's going to be pretty good. :)

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