The Canon EOS M50 Mark II has been confirmed through Canon product listings for dealers. This camera body has been rumored for quite some time to come in Q4 of 2020, so we should see an announcement soon.

Also appearing is a new Canon Speedlite called the EL-1, we have reported a new flagship Speedlite was coming, and hopefully, this is it. It's interesting that Canon is now using a new naming scheme for a Speedlite.

Also added to the list are Speedlite accessories named SCF-EL, SBA-EL and LP-EL. I think the LP is going to be a rechargeable battery for the new Speedlite.

More to come…

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  1. Well that figures....I just bought an M50 a month ago!

    For me it was eye opening to finally see an M series in person, when a friend showed up with one to a gathering we had. They are great for 'light' use, but fully featured for 'normal' use as well. If my hands weren't so big and the body so small I could use it all the time. I hope they sell a lot of them.

    Excited to see what the spec will be, but probably won't upgrade. The ideas was to get a 'cheap' travel body that would go places I wouldn't take the DSLR. And the M50 fits the bill perfectly.

  2. Been saying they should use rechargeable batteries for flash guns for years..

    Yet another non-standard battery with a non-standard charger, as if there aren't enough rechargeable AA batteries to go around.
  3. The M50 II is great news IBIS and a better AF system please and that will replace my M5
    The EOS M50 Mark II will not necessarily replace the EOS M5. The EOS M5 has a 1.62m-dot 3.2” touchscreen and a 1040 mAh LP-E17 battery whereas the existing EOS M50 only has a 1.04m-dot 3.0” touchscreen and an 875 mAh LP-E12 battery.
  4. Happy I sold my M50 but held on to my EF-M lenses now! Well, I will be if this gets a second dial, Fv mode and top notch AF. Oh and minimum shutter speed with auto-ISO in Av mode. Not too much to ask...surely?!

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