Rumors confirmed: Canon EOS M50 Mark II and a new Speedlite are coming soon

Mar 26, 2014
AA just don't have the discharge capacity for fast recovery of the speedlite, you start missing shots while the flash recharges. A nice big lithium ion cell seems way better.

Jasonmc89 has LP-E6 in mind. It has less charge than 4 AA batteries. Does it have the desired discharge rate?

I don't mind a new battery, as long as it is standardized across flash brands.
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Yet another non-standard battery with a non-standard charger, as if there aren't enough rechargeable AA batteries to go around.

If you have never ever used something like Profoto A1, then your remark towards the rechargeable batteries is completly off. There is no comparison to the AA batteries hell.
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CR Pro
Apr 26, 2020
What you describe is a M6Ii.
Well see if Canon pursue his "all-in" cycle and release a M50 wich will top the line until another one comes....
The first M50 came with few bell and whistles that the M5/M6 didt had ( new digic/4k mainly).

Sure, I’d probably buy a M6 Mark ii if it had an integrated EVF and flip screen and especially if it had R5/R6 level AF. Throw in IBIS and it’d be a no brainer.
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Apr 1, 2016
With profoto A1, we have put our speedlites to rest. Pricey, but pretty much reliable, rechargeable battery, click-on accessories, never missfires, modelling lamp with a color temperature tweaking and feels more like a mini studio strobe.

I did myself a favour and got a Godox V1 instead. About the same flash (apart from the build quality probably), but hundreds of euro's saved.

These flashes are very nice with their battery. Although I must say that my regular 600 speedlites are not less powerful (just as an A1 is not more powerful than a regular speedlight), extremely reliable, works fine with MagMod click on stuff. But yes, you have to deal with AA's. Not a huge deal TBH, but it's good to hear Canon is going to use a new power source for this flash.
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If they include IBIS and eyeAF, latest DPAF, with some other small improvements, like moving the mic port out of the way of the screen, battery capacity bump, this could be a very interesting camera for years to come. A Youtube workhorse. No crop 4K would hit it out of the park, but maybe that's too much to ask for. I don't think they'll use the 32MP sensor, though. Need to differentiate between this entry level model and the M6II, coming M7, M5II, etc. Anyway, 24MP is just fine, and even the existing 80D's sensor is very good for general use. Very few M lenses can make use of the resolution anyway.
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Canon Shooter
Nov 15, 2011
Hello Dragon

Have you seen what Canon is filling all that store shelf space with? 250D and other basic DSLRs. EF-S kit lenses like 18-55 and 35-75 from 2 to 3 generations back. And even a lot of those are on back order.

As for cheap an X-T30 with better glass and performance than the M50 will be not be a lot more money.

I've not been trolling exactly, however having gone looking for a body lens solution that Canon couldn't supply, I decided to come here and point out that as things stand Canon the Emperor (outside the R5 and R6) has very few clothes.

I like Canon gear overall and would have liked to stick with them, they are however just playing catch up as things stand. Sony have a more balanced range than Canon.

If the M50 MkII looks any good I'll really consider buying one. It will however have to justify itself. Same as any other brand.

Of course Canon Rumours attracts fans of the brand. It is one thing to invest ones cash in the kit, it is unwise to invest oneself in the brand.

Those 250Ds and cheaper old lenses are going on the shelf not because that is all Canon has to offer, but because that is the price segment MOST camera buyers are looking at. Note, MOST camera buyers are not enthusiasts or professionals and aren't on this forum. By doing what they've been doing, they continue to be a top seller in this shrinking segment of camera gear (see the recent posts about camera sales, where Canon is on top and growing market share).

Certainly if there is something you like better, buy that instead. What you said may be true for your personal situation, but the mistake you've made is extrapolating that to everyone else. Its a bit disingenuous to come in here saying a top selling camera company has nothing to offer, and then claim you're not trolling.

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