Lots of 3D/5D2/7D Speculation
The speculation that Canon will launch 2 new full frame bodies for Photokina is getting bigger by the day. How else can one explain the rebates on the 40D body to get it below $1000 USD (An insane bargain)?

I'm still on the fence with this. We know a new FF body is coming in the fall, two though? They could have motivation to get 40D buyers to upgrade to something more than 50D, a $1999 FF camera will sell insanely well to xxD upgraders. Current 5D owners would be upgrading to the 5D II without much arm twisting, say in the $2999 range.

Canon may get slammed an awful lot for what they do and don't do with their camera releases. The shareholders are generally happy. Canon does know how to make money hand over fist…. just ask my better half.

Canon Rumours
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