Side by side comparisons showing the size differences between the Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R, and Canon EOS RP have been published.

It looks like the Canon EOS R5 is slightly bulkier than the Canon EOS R, which will be welcomed by a lot of photographers, myself included.

The Canon EOS R5 is scheduled to begin shipping in July, though that could change.

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  1. Interesting. The R5 doesn't look a whole lot bigger than the R...
    They've flattened the EVF hump and the lens mount does not stick out as much, so the body can be taller and thicker without getting much larger.

    I reckon the R6 is going to be like a bit bigger, curvier RP.

    They've moved away the magnify button on the right and voila, dual card slots :)
  2. It sure looks like the R and R5 are exactly the same size. I like the layout mostly, but have one minor concern. It looks like the AF-on looks to be farther left, and farther away from the grip than any other EOS camera. Might take a bit of getting used to. The good news is they are in the same order as the 1DX on the top right side.
  3. I was hoping it would be a bit bigger than the R, but will reserve judgement until I feel it in my hands with a big lens on the end of it. There are already a lot of fantastic features, and a few disappointments.
  4. The screen is definately biggger on the R5.
    I like the size of the R an I am happy the R5 does not seem much bigger.
    I like the new button placement, it is much closer to the 5D4 which was a little annoying on the R. Also compared to the 5D4 the the joystick seems just a tad out of "reach". Just going from my visual observation and how my thumbs "lands" on the R, I'm guessing the joystick would be better positioned on the magnify button. Man, I cannot wait to get this in my hands! I am drooooling!
  5. Is it a dumb question to ask what do the R and RP use for the Q button?
    I don't think it is a dumb question - it is barely visible: It is the center button of the multicontroler (a black "Q" inside a white square above the better readable "SET".
    I have the RP and I use it and especially the Q function very often: I had to think twice where it is - it's maybe in my "muscle memory" so I have not to think using the camera and it took some thinking ;)
    I see you asked for the EOS R too: the same solution.

    Hopefully it is possible with the EOS R to map Menu to the SET or the magnifier button.
  6. I think the viewfinder of the R5 could have been a bit bigger, judging from this images. I think big viewfinders are a real pleasure to use. The 1DX II is just awesome in this regard (even compared to the 5D). Also for example the Sony A7R IV compared to the Lumix S1H - the Lumix is realy MUUUUUCH more beautiful to use (though the AF lacks far behind).

    But on the other hand, this makes the R5 compact for travel, which is nice :)
  7. But I wish it was. One direction that Canon can take with the R6 is to make it as small as possible.
    They can't really go much smaller, unless they start to remove the EVF which is not big by any means, and other useful things. The Sigma fp is really not much lighter or smaller, impressive achievement, but there are big compromises to pay for that, the technology is not there just yet to do it properly.

    Instead are adding in IBIS, that adds thickness for sure. And something needs to power that as well.
    If they keep the same size, the battery life will be even more abysmal than the RP, so it has to increase just a little bit to accompany a better battery.

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