Busy today
I'm working on some very tedious stuff for the backend of the site.

Price Watch
I've added lenses, flashes and PowerShots to the Price Watch section of the site.

I've only listed 3 retailers for all these updates, 100% of sales came from Amazon, Adorama or B&H for Canon Rumors.

I removed Canadian prices for everything other than the bodies.

I may in the future add some international pricing, but I'll leave it at being in the distant future.

There may be some zoom lenses and PowerShots missing from the price watch lists. For the lenses I posted the most current and in demand products. For the PowerShots, I've put up the most recent version of a camera line.

Rebel T1i & D10 Reviews
These reviews will be up before end of business Sunday.


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  1. Nice Job on the links.

    I’ve been buying lenses from Norman Camera lately, their prices are often a little less and they ship the same day normally. Many sites (Adorama, B&H, etc have lower prices using Microsoft Live Search. Unfortunately, there is probably not a way for you to get credit for sales that way.

  2. WT…. Prices up on Canon lenses. I was going to buy a couple of L lenses but decided to wait and a week later their up. Rebates Shmibates. Can’t get a break in this bad economy. We lose work and money. Then taxes go up. Then up again. Hard times…..

  3. Thats all good and fine but if you state it yourself that there is going to be an update at a certain time and don’t come through you need to acknowledge what is going on in one of your post. I don’t see why it wasn’t at least in that site update on?

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