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Speedlite 300EX [CR2]

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From an email
“Canon will definately launch a small flash for PMA, it will be called the 300 EX.”

CR2 rating on this one, I don’t recognize the source. I have heard other rumblings about it over the last few months.


7 responses to “Speedlite 300EX [CR2]”

  1. hmm i think is very very plausible as the sx1 and sx10 would need a small but powerful flash to fit the bill. The current 220EX just doesn’t do it

  2. It would be nice to see a comparable flash to the SB-400. Right now any Canon flash seems a little ridiculous to put onto a G9/G10. Heck, even a 430EXII on a Rebel XS would look overbearing.

  3. It’s about time!
    I tried a Nikon SB30 on the G10, that didn’t work.
    Though it worked quite well on a Rebel, the 20D and a 40D.
    Canon’s current flashes are too awkward, and heavy, on the G10 shoe.
    Didn’t Metz make a slim dedicated flash for the Canon?

  4. I’d love to see a small one that can slave…
    that would make it a big step forward not only for g10/xsi folks but for people that need just some extra light with their 580’s etc…

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