Roger at figured it'd be a good time to take apart the brand new Canon EOS 5Ds. He was curious as to whether or not things had changed inside the camera, or if it was identical to the EOS 5D Mark III. He also notes areas where Canon has improved some of the design.

Outside of the stuff we already know about the new Canon cameras, there were not many surprises looking inside, and the few surprises we had were positive. There was Canon's usual very clean design and layout. There were incremental improvements in the engineering, like the separated I/O system, more robust tripod mount assembly, and improved inner tapes and shields. I have a little concern about the lens release pin, but it probably will not be an issue. After all, I'm known to be paranoid.

On a side note, we received our EOS 5DS and and are looking forward to shooting with it this weekend.

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