An announcement date rumor of next week for the Canon EOS R5 is making the rounds, but it doesn't look like it will come to fruition.

According to a German retailer, you will be able to “Experience the new Canon EOS R5 live on May 16, 2020”, which unfortunately doesn't mean what we had hoped it would. Foto Hamer has clarified what the event actually is.

Hi guys, you could see the content and info about the live streams of the Testival Online. This is NOT the official presentation of the EOS R5 by Canon! It's a LIVE workshop with a Canon product expert on the Canon R series and in this framework, it presents the previously known information of the R5 There will be no demonstration of the camera and, in our knowledge, will not publish any information that is not yet known. Nevertheless, the workshop is of course exciting.

I don't think we're going to get an official Canon EOS R5 announcement next week, but that could obviously change.

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  1. Who can blame any company for postponing? In our area, summer camp was canceled this week. And the financial landscape has been "altered" by Shin Godzilla!

    Market intro date matters, not annoucement date. No point to announce if it has no market in July. And if it has, then it will be announced on time.
  2. If this is delaying introduction solely for marketing reasons, then I would expect a massive inventory build to be in place by the time it is announced. I really don't want to wait once I've placed my order this time.

    Not to mention, I'd frankly be happier if announcement and shipping were hand in hand and not months apart. I haven't been this eager for a camera since the 1D2 (I've sold off my EF stuff).

    I can live with the rumors, just don't make me wait once I can fixate on the details.
  3. The accurate information usually leaks one to two weeks before a announcement. But, with no big meetings to be held, a virtual announcement could have less notice. Even so, Invites would go out at least a week before and press release packages are sent to major web sites in many countries so they can have their web pages ready to go within minutes. Hundreds of retailers around the world need to get ready for pre-order, it takes time, and that means leaks happen.
  4. And when it arrives, then what? Take pics and vids of your yardwork that your 6Dii is incapable of doing? ;) jk
    I don't have any problems with my 6D II. So you don't need to assume.
  5. It has been announced so many times. Who cares about another announcement?

    The new announcement in question would imply a release date and pre-order availability.
    Also some important information such as sensor resolution, that is, full official specs.

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