Canon EOS Rumors

The EOS M lineup will be addressed later in 2020 [CR1]

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I continue to receive little bits of information in regards to the future of the EOS M lineup, and it sounds like Canon is still working on new cameras and lenses for the system, but obviously at a much slower pace the EOS R system.

I have been pretty adamant that there wouldn’t be an EOS M5 Mark II, however, I have been told that there will be an EOS M5 replacement in Q4 of this year. The source claims that specifications for the camera would be very similar to the EOS M6 Mark II, but with IBIS, a built-in EVF and better build quality.

The same source claims that the EOS M50 Mark II won’t come until very early next year.

As far as lenses, I have now had a couple mentions about an EF-M 52mm f/2 STM coming in 2020. This would be the equivalent of an 85mm f/2 for full-frame.

Another rumoured EF-M lens is an EF-M 100-300mm, but that it would not appear until early 2021.

This is a [CR1] rumor, so please treat it accordingly.

More to come…