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The Mug

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EF 70-200 f/4L IS Mug340x canon thermos1 - The Mug
So everyone wants to know the story with these things.

There was some internal Canon stuff about these things that I said I wouldn’t post here, so I’m not going to.

I can tell you the mugs are actually a Canon Canada thing. They’re going to be available for sale in the near future. They’ll also be limited edition. You should see them retailing for about $30.

Link to Mug:…

I don’t have a date on availability, but I will know soon. I may also be able to help our international friends get one. I have a source for them and plan to buy as many as I can and give them away.


143 responses to “The Mug”

  1. Good to know the 70-200mm is stainless lined.

    The one I was worried about was the 24-105mm mug.

    If you look at the pics, it’s plastic inside!

    (pics that you can see the inside of the mug are on ebay)

  2. Warranties don’t transfer when buying in the US and shipping to Canada. If you need any warranty work, you have to ship it back to a US dealer and a huge cost, and pay to ship it back. Don’t know off hand about Canon, but Nikon has a 5 year warranty in Canada and only a 1 year in the US. Not worth trying to save a $150 on a lens, when you can have a 4 additional years of warranty in Canada!!

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