What's coming?
Canon has switched up a couple of announcement dates over the last year. The Rebel XS and T1i not coming at big shows. They also replaced the 40D and XSi after one year (give or take a month).

We will see 2 new lenses announced before christmas as well as at least 1 DSLR. The 50D replacement should be coming. Not too many people see it being replaced with a full frame model. What specs do you take away from the 5D Mark II to come in at a lower price point?

The other camera people are lusting over is the 1D Mark 4 (or whatever it'll be called). Good folks are telling me not to expect it in 2009. Canon is more than willing to go into 2010 with the Mark III's.

All these questions should start heating up soon.

Rating System
Going to think of a new way to make the rating system better and more reliable. As I posted in the comments, It's hard to rate information from new sources. I have to wait and see if they come through. All I ever seem to rate information is CR2 and CR4.

The ratings are good, and if I don't rate I get a bit of grief :). I'll figure something out over the next week.

This IS a rumors site, not everything I get is going to be true. I do filter the far fetched stuff out. I also post stuff strictly for discussion purposes. Who knows, maybe someone that matters is reading this site and your opinions.

As far as lens rumors go, I'm going to only post stuff from a couple of sources. Both have been right in the past.


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