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Touchscreen DSLR Patent

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Patent Fun
I must say reading Canon patents makes my brain feel good. What’s especially awesome about Canon and patents is they have about 50 a week!

Here’s one good enough for Ashton Kutcher.

Touchscreen DSLR!

730580762 wZBms M 300x208 - Touchscreen DSLR Patent
"That feels good!"

Features (Snippet from Photography Bay)
Two simple and important adjustments that can be modified via the touchscreen are mentioned in the patent:

1. Sliding you finger across the panel in a vertical direction changes aperture values.

2. Sliding your finger across the panel in a horizontal direction changes shutter speed.

Other features contemplated by the patent that may be enabled by touch entry through the LCD include the following settings:

* Focus detection area
* Exposure correction value
* Flash adjustment correction value
* Photometry mode (i.e., metering mode)
* Drive mode
* ISO value
* Auto focus mode
* White balance mode
* Exposure correction value

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80 responses to “Touchscreen DSLR Patent”

  1. I would like the talking Selphy printer technology to migrate to the DSLRs, so you can talk to your cam to adjust its settings and it would answer back with: “Your pix are cr*p, buy a P&S you poser!!11”

  2. Again, the big boys are in no way shape or form afraid of Red. Canon can take 2 years to work on a model, because in the meantime they’ve put out God only knows how many other models, and that’s just the still camera department. Same with Sony. Same with Nikon. Same with…

    I’m a fan of Red, but they’re not “pushing hot chillies…” as you so eloquently stated. They made one game changing camera, and promises of many more. But they get away with it because the renders are really slick. When you’re motto is “Everything is subject to change. Count on it”, you have to take non released cameras with a grain of salt.

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